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Rekeying car locks or changing a lock in other words is the process of replacing the tumblers (pins, pin tumblers) of a lock cylinder with other tumblers of different sizes, can be the door locks or ignition switch. The same lock will then require a different key to operate. The new key will coincide with the new tumblers and the old key will no longer work. In other words, it is not necessary to porches new locks for your car in case of having a new different key made. Re-keying car locks is something that should be done if you have suspect that someone have your car keys that shouldn’t or lost a set of keys. It is a good practice NOT to have any identifying information on your key ring, especially your address or phone number.

Regular house locks can be Rekeyed as well as automobile door locks. Rekeying locks is usually significantly less expensive than replacing the complete locks.

Most likely if your vehicle key is not working properly in the door lock part of the process for repairing the lock by doing a rekey on the tumblers

Tumblers are the parts inside a lock (key lock or safe lock) that have to be adjusted to precise positions in order for the lock to work right. With a key lock, the tumblers are aligned by using the correct key.

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