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The Experts of the locksmith trade Mon, 05 October 2009
The Experts of the locksmith trade

At one point in your life you will have to deal with a locksmith. It could be for emergency situations where you find yourself being locked out of your car or home, or you want to further secure your home by installing new locks or a particular kind of equipment. These situations may be few and happening far-between, but it doesn’t change the fact that it should be someone that you can completely entrust your family and belongings to.

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The Perils of Being A Locksmith Wed, 26 August 2009
The Perils of Being A Locksmith Being a locksmith is no ordinary job. There are perils that come with this line of work. In fact, there are dangers that can put both a locksmith and the people who need locksmith services at risk. For example, people who need the services of a locksmith should be more cautious especially with the rising prevalence of locksmith fraud. On the other hand, a locksmith is also at risk of being falsely accused and sued for damage that he did not do.
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The Essential Tools Used by Locksmiths Sun, 23 August 2009
The Essential Tools Used by Locksmiths Locksmithing is known as the science and art of making and defeating locks. It is a trade that requires meticulous skill and mastery of tools. Traditional locksmithing is a combination of other skills such as metalworking, lock picking and even basic carpentry. Historically, lock smiths actually created the entire locks and keys through hours of painstaking work.
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Forgot your Keys in Your Car - Survival Guide Sun, 16 August 2009
Forgot your Keys in Your Car - Survival Guide If there is one situation that we would rather not find ourselves in, it is finding out that we locked ourselves out of our vehicle, with the keys left in the ignition!
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