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Car Key Extractor

Broken Auto Key Extractions

Broken car key extractions is needed when the end portion of a key breaks off in a lock keyway, particularly motor vehicle ignition lock utilizing tumblers. Such car and truck locks usually constitute the primary electrical switch for the vehicle and employ the key to impose a torque on the switch once the key is properly inserted, and keys are often bent or otherwise stressed due to the forces imposed thereon during use.

When a portion of the vehicle ignition key is broken off within the lock keyway or slot, such broken end is usually inaccessible, often prevents the ignition switch from being operated and renders the vehicle inoperative. Until the inaccessible broken car key extraction end portion is taken out from the lock, operation of the vehicle is usually prevented.

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Broken car key extractors are known and such devices may use a variety of locksmith tools for endeavoring to coax the broken key end from the lock. Adhesives, hook probes, and the like, may be used. However, the difficulty encountered in removing broken keys from tumbler locks often is so great that the lock must be entirely replaced.

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